A season-record 4 Waterdogs midfielders hit 2-pointers against Chaos By Wyatt Miller | Aug 21, 2023 Tweet The Waterdogs scored more two-point goals on Saturday than the Redwoods and Chrome have all season. It was also the most long balls by any team in a single game this year, and all four came courtesy of […]
How the Waterdogs’ crowded midfield unit stacks up By Wyatt Miller | Jul 26, 2023 Tweet The Waterdogs have champaign problems. Sitting at 4-1 and second place in the league, the ‘Dogs have eight starting-caliber midfielders when healthy, but can only dress five or six each week.  The midfield unit has accounted for 47 of […]
Waterdogs Camp Recap: High Intensity and a Wakeup Call for the Champs By Wyatt Miller Jun 4, 2023 Waterdogs LC decided to dial up the intensity in training camp this season. According to head coach Andy Copelan, the defending champions started contact drills early and attacked weaknesses from last season head-on.  Offensively, Ryan Brown’s presence […]
Untucked: Jake Carraway to “reinvent” himself on the Waterdogs By Wyatt Miller May 28, 2023 After playing in just two games for Atlas Lacrosse Club last summer, Jake Carraway earned a shot to start in the Championship Series in February. But on the first day of practice, he tore his right groin.  The injury persisted […]
4 Battles to Watch During Waterdogs Training Camp By Wyatt Miller May 25, 2023 PLL players will arrive in Albany, New York, for training camp on May 27, and practices will take place over the next three days. During that time, Waterdogs LC will be upping the intensity. “We want to make training camp a […]
Jake Carraway signs two-year deal with Waterdogs LC By Sarah Griffin Mar 9, 2023 Waterdogs LC got in on the free agency fun as attackman Jake Carraway signed a two-year deal with the reigning champions.  After the retirement of Ryan Brown, the Waterdogs needed a fourth attackman. More specifically, they needed an off-ball shooter to […]
Jake Carraway: Firing Away Untucked By Sarah Griffin Feb 24, 2023 Atlas LC is having fun. Jake Carraway is having fun. Sixes is fun. “This format is like backyard lacrosse,” Carraway remarked. “I like it more than field.” Can’t say I blame him given the success he and his teammates have had two games in. […]
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Next Up: 5 players who could crack the 2022 Players Top 50 By Austin Owens | Dec 23, 2021 Tweet The PLL Player’s Top 50 was wrapped up last week, with Blaze Riorden continuing his scorching hot 2021 by nabbing the first spot on the list.  The 2021 edition was the most competitive yet, following […]