2-time PLL Champion John Haus announces retirement By PLL | May 28, 2022 Tweet Two-time PLL Champion John Haus has announced his retirement from pro lacrosse. During his 9-year career with Charlotte Hound and Whipsnakes LC, Haus amassed 223 career points (151G, 2T, 68A). Haus released the following statement: The day has finally come that […]
2020 All-Film Team By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 15, 2020 Welcome to the second annual edition of the All-Film Team. A refresher if you missed the 2019 edition: These are players whose games you don’t fully appreciate until a second or third viewing of the game. They scrap. They set seals and cut hard. […]
NFL teams are going for it on fourth-and-2 about twice as often as they did in 2008. It’s time for lacrosse coach’s to go in the opposite direction – and to bring out the punters on fourth down.
Whipsnakes’ Off-Ball Screens and Cuts By Joe Keegan | Apr 14, 2020 Every offense aims to maximize its catch-and-shoot chances. Moving the ball (and the goalie) gives the shooter an advantage. Across the league, six-on-six shooting percentage jumps 50.7% (from 21.6% when unassisted to 32.6% when assisted) when a pass is made. For the Whipsnakes, […]