Brendan Nichtern and Jordan MacIntosh created pick-n-roll chemistry immediately. The West Point product attacked his matchup – 2021 Dave Pietramala Defender of the Year Graeme Hossack – fearlessly. He created shots for himself and for others, especially with MacIntosh picking for him.
2020 All-Film Team By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 15, 2020 Welcome to the second annual edition of the All-Film Team. A refresher if you missed the 2019 edition: These are players whose games you don’t fully appreciate until a second or third viewing of the game. They scrap. They set seals and cut hard. […]
Jordan Wolf and Jordan MacIntosh’s Pick-and-Roll Chemistry By Joe Keegan | Apr 22, 2020 Jordan Wolf explodes from the endline to goal-line extended faster than any attackman on Earth. Even the quickest defenders struggle to contain him one-on-one. By that logic, picking for Wolf might seem unnecessary. It’s like giving a bicycle to a cheetah. […]