Photo courtesy of Kait Devir. Waterdogs Power Team USA to World Championships Gold By Wyatt Miller Jul 3, 2023 Statistically, Waterdogs carried the Team USA offense to a gold medal in the World Lacrosse Championship, winning their second title in the last 10 months. Waterdogs accounted for 47% of Team USA’s total goals, which is […]
Marquette’s Founding Duo: Joe Amplo and Liam Byrnes Reunite on Team USA By Wyatt Miller Jun 29, 2023 On Liam Byrnes’ recruiting visit to Marquette, he had a meeting with strength coach Todd Smith, who head coach Joe Amplo described as a “mean-looking, snot coming out of his nose, saliva everywhere, strength coach type guy.” […]
2022 Players Top 50: #34 Liam Byrnes By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Dec 6, 2022 Liam Byrnes graduated from Marquette with a master’s degree in team defense. Since moving him from LSM to close defense halfway through 2021, the Waterdogs LC defense has been dominant. Byrnes patrols the interior. He’s Eddy Glazener without a mic. […]
Crease Collapse of the Week: Liam Byrnes By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Jun 13, 2022 The Waterdogs defense slides a lot. They got exposed early in ’21. Opponents buried 40.7% of their assisted shots thru the 4th of July. After moving Liam Byrnes from LSM to close defense, that number plummeted to 24.7%. Byrnes cleans up teammates’ mistakes. […]
The fourth overall pick in the 2021 Entry Draft is the organizer of the Waterdogs defense. Liam Byrnes wears the metaphorical green sticker on his helmet.
Entry Draft Spotlight: Liam Byrnes By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 21, 2021 Liam Byrnes is the best help defender in this Entry Draft class. Watch him play, and you’ll notice nothing but head swivels, finger points, and a foot in the paint at all times. The 2019 MLL Defensive Player of the Year can […]