Waterdogs vs Atlas Photo Gallery August 14th, 2023 The Waterdogs team huddle before facing off against Atlas (Photo courtesy of Liam Murphy). Tucker Durkin and Jeff Teat shake hands in the locker room (Photo courtesy of Ty Davis). The Atlas huddle pregame (Photo courtesy of Ty Davis). Trevor Baptiste was in his element on his …

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Kieran McArdle’s 97-second hat trick lifts Waterdogs over Atlas By Wyatt Miller Aug 14, 2023 The Waterdogs hadn’t scored in 20 minutes.  With seven minutes left in the game, the Dogs led 9-8 after being held scoreless for the entire third quarter along with nearly half of the fourth. That’s when Kieran McArdle went rampant […]
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi. How Eli Gobrecht went from D-III to Waterdogs defender/faceoff specialist By Wyatt Miller Aug 12, 2023 Going into his senior year at Ithaca High School, Eli Gobrecht thought his lacrosse career was coming to an end. Having already signed a contract to play junior hockey out of high school, Gobrecht […]
Why the Waterdogs are at their worst on isolation dodges By Wyatt Miller | Aug 10, 2023 Tweet If the season ended today, the Waterdogs’ shooting percentage when initiating with a dodge would be the worst in PLL history (16.8%). Despite ranking fourth in total offensive efficiency, 62% of their settled shots have been initiated […]
Waterdogs vs Cannons Photo Gallery August 7th, 2023 The Cannons offense has been the most efficient in the PLL this season (Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi). Cade van Raaphorst shoots an 107 mile per hour two-bomb past the Waterdogs defense (Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi). Cade van Raaphorst, Kyle Hartzell, and Matt Kavanagh celebrate his […]
Waterdogs Fall to Archers After “Self-Inflicted Wounds” in The 4th By Wyatt Miller Jul 31, 2023 The Waterdogs have turned the ball over exactly 11 times in three-of-six games this season. Against the Archers, eight of the 11 were self-induced, which is the most from any of those games.  Inside of three minutes, the Waterdogs […]
What to Watch in The Archers vs Waterdogs Battle For First Place By PLL Jul 30, 2023 The Archers’ league-leading 32-second offense will square off against the Waterdogs’ first-place 32-second defense in a nationally televised battle for first place on Sunday. The matchup will feature two heavyweight defenses, creative coaching on both sides, and major […]
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi. Film Review: Explaining Ethan Walker’s Underrated Off-Ball Efficiency By Wyatt Miller Jul 28, 2023 Ethan Walker silently manipulates the defense on every possession. He moves around the field and picks at the weak spots with meticulous movements and passes. So, while Michael Sowers and Kieran McArdle can overwhelm the league’s […]
How the Waterdogs’ crowded midfield unit stacks up By Wyatt Miller | Jul 26, 2023 Tweet The Waterdogs have champaign problems. Sitting at 4-1 and second place in the league, the ‘Dogs have eight starting-caliber midfielders when healthy, but can only dress five or six each week.  The midfield unit has accounted for 47 of […]
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi. The Secret Behind Michael Sowers’ Elite Footwork By Wyatt Miller Jul 20, 2023 When Michael Sowers’ lacrosse season ended each spring, his dad, David Sowers, would hide his stick in the attic. And every year, Sowers scoured the house looking for it, but never succeeded.  This might seem like an […]