Week 3

GAME RECAP: Atlas defeats Chrome in Chicago

Chrome LC vs. Atlas LC Week 3 Recap

Neither Chrome LC or Atlas LC wanted to go 0-3 on a national stage. With both rosters filled with some of the greatest to ever play the game, it was going to be a fight to the finish to maintain a reputation.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Week 3

Welcome to the 10 Man Ride – a weekly Monday recap hitting on the 10 best stats, plays and moments of the PLL weekend. 1. Charlie Cipriano’s relief effort Redwoods LC attackman Clarke Petterson embarrasses goalies. All of them. From Cornell to the PLL, Petterson has been lights out as an inside finisher. The dude buried 44 goals on 52 shots on goal as a senior; goalies only stopped 15.4% of the shots that Petterson put on cage! Through three games, pro goalies haven’t been any better. Petterson has five goals; goalies have made two saves on him. One of those saves: This third quarter denial by Chaos LC goalie Charlie Cipriano.