Cannons LC Announces Four Captains for 2023 By Grant DelVecchio Jun 1, 2023 The best teams are player-led.  Coaches can communicate a team’s vision, values, standards, and schemes, but it’s up to the players to challenge one another to be consistently committed and accountable.  The Cannons LC took another step forward in solidifying a new […]
2022 Players Top 50: #29 Zach Goodrich By Joe Keegan | Dec 7, 2022 Tweet Cannons LC short-stick defensive midfielder Zach Goodrich’s footwork is so flawless that he’s able to defend as if he’s holding a longpole. Goodrich crowds opponents with his signature reverse V-hold. It’s rare to see a player this far above goal-line […]
Zach Goodrich led all short-sticks with 12 caused turnovers in 2021. Cannons LC head coach Sean Quirk calls him a fifth pole on the field. Goodrich’s matchup is one that the Cannons don’t need to support. He’ll switch picks onto the offense’s primary initiator and hold his own — a valuable chess piece to have on the defensive end of the field.
Entry Draft Spotlight: Zach Goodrich By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 17, 2021 Lockdown short-stick defensive midfielders are rare. The best are like having a fifth pole on the field; anything below that is dodged dozens of times per game as opposing offenses aim to spin the defensive carousel. Zach Goodrich is that proverbial fifth […]