Tom Schreiber headlines the 2023 PLL End of Year Awards with his third Jim Brown MVP Award By Sarah Griffin | Sep 6, 2023 Tweet Jim Brown Most Valuable Player: Tom Schreiber, Archers  “Tom Schreiber is the best player on the best team in the PLL – is it really any more complicated than that?” […]
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi. Why Zed Williams is Playing Defense for the Haudenosaunee in the World Championships By Adam Lamberti Jun 23, 2023 Zed Williams is one of the best attackmen in the world. The MVP of the 2020 Championship Series, Williams terrorizes the league with physical dodging, pinpoint accuracy, and a creative flare. […]
Whipsnakes Use Big 1st Half to Get First Win of 2023 By Adam Lamberti Jun 19, 2023 Attackman Will Manny summarized the Whipsnakes 18-11 win over the Redwoods on Saturday night with five words. “We just executed better today.” Heading into the game in last place, the Whipsnakes scored 11 first half goals, including two […]
2022 Players Top 50: #18 Zed Williams By Joe Keegan | Dec 12, 2022 Tweet Zed Williams’ inside roll might be the most unstoppable dodge in the league. And it sets up one of the best counter moves: His rocker step. Zed’s roll & rocker are two of the smoothest dodges in the league— […]
Zed Williams followed up his 2020 Jim Brown MVP Award campaign with another dominant season. His inside roll continues to be the most unstoppable dodge in lacrosse. Zed attacks picks like a running back hitting the hole. Switch, and he’ll roll between the two defenders. Duck underneath, and he’ll use his momentum to run through you to the island.
Zed Williams has entered the PLL and taken the league by storm. PLL writer Josh Schafer spoke with Williams to get an inside scoop on the making of “Zedzilla”.