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Whipsnakes vs. Cannons Preview

By Lauren Merola | Jun 12, 2021

Where to watch

  • Saturday, June 12th
  • 12:00PM ET
  • NBC

Week 2 shows a ton of promising matchups, most notably pinning a Super Bowl champion against a team of reigning lacrosse champs.

It’s the new guys vs. defending Champions. The Cannons against the Whipsnakes.

Whipsnakes are the ones to beat at the stripe, things get interesting. 

Super Bowl champ suits up

Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Hogan didn’t dress for Week 1. Now, he is set to make his professional lacrosse debut.

Hogan tried out for Cannons LC after going undrafted for the 2021 season. On June 1, the former NFL wideout officially became a professional lacrosse player and in Week 2, he’ll officially suit up.

In 2009, Hogan led Penn State with 29 goals and had five assists before transferring to Monmouth to play football. From 2016 to 2018, Hogan played for the Patriots where he won his two rings catching 107 passes for 1,651 yards and 12 touchdowns in 40 regular-season games.

All eyes are on Hogan – even ESPN senior NFL insider Adam Schefter and NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky.

Everyone wants to see what the multi-sport midfielder brings to the turf after Hogan’s 12-year hiatus.

Lyle gon' Lyle

Lyle Thompson took 58 seconds to break in the net in his inaugural Premier Lacrosse League game against the Redwoods. He finished the game with two goals and one assist and ripped four goals in the Cannons’ second matchup of the weekend against the Waterdogs. Thompson’s comfortability with the stick is unlike any player in the league – or world. His stick is an extension of his arm, which is why he makes the backhand shot look easy.

Behind the cage or on the wing, the Whipsnakes have to have their heads up and be quick to the slide when Thompson has the ball. His explosive speed and agility almost guarantee a beaten defender on the 1-v-1.

Rule of thumb: Don’t leave Lyle alone.

Players to Watch

If Lyle gon' Lyle, then Zed gon' Zed. The two scoring machines will go at it Saturday, trying to steal and maintain their team’s edge. Williams ripped twine four times in the decisive 13-7 win against the Chaos. 

Matt Rambo was kept at bay with one goal on 20% shooting in the Week 1 championship rematch. He also had three turnovers. But the Cannons know what Rambo is capable of – despite never having played against him – so they’ll still keep a close eye on him.

In Week 1, Andrew Kew was nothing new. Kew posted two goals against the Redwoods and four against the Waterdogs.

On his shots, Kew masterfully combines placement and power. The Whips’ can’t leave Kew open on the lower left wing. They’ll regret it. Every. Single. Tiime.

The Whips are almost unmatched at the stripe. As Joe Keegan put it:

Joe Nardella grabbed six ground balls and won 16-of-22 faceoffs, a smashing 73%.

New Additions

The Cannons add attackers Brendan Sunday and Shayne Jackson, midfielder Max Tuttle and aforementioned Chris Hogan to the Boom Squad Week 2 roster.

The Whipsnakes add midfielder Connor Kirst to slither in Week 2. 

Whipsnakes and Cannons battle it out Saturday at 12pm ET.

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