Coming Soon: Build Your Fan Status with PLL Nation

By Evan Mok-Lamme | Apr 28, 2023

On May 23rd, the Premier Lacrosse League will launch PLL Nation. A fan experience that allows supporters to build a league status that reflects their passion. As fans level up their status they unlock exclusive access and rewards.

PLL fans are some of the most dedicated supporters in pro sports. Their commitment goes beyond just buying tickets or purchasing merchandise. Unlike a traditional loyalty program, PLL Nation Status cannot be bought. PLL Nation elevates the fan experience by recognizing and rewarding fans for all of the ways they engage with the league. Here are some of the ways you can build your PLL Nation Status this season.

Complete Achievements

PLL Nation achievements reward fans who love finding new ways to show their support. Completing these weekly challenges is the fastest way to build status. Achievements are broken into three categories: Weekly, Season, and Bonus. They are updated throughout the season to ensure fans earn status however they show their support.



Just watching the game is never enough for true lacrosse fans. Fans that go beyond the game to compete in weekly competitions can earn status and rewards. Weekly Fantasy and Pick’em are both back this season, alongside two new games: Fanbase Race and PLL Predictor. Even if you don’t come out on top you will still earn status every time you compete.


Tracking league news and team updates has always been an important part of experiencing the PLL. PLL Nation rewards top fans who are always in the loop. Reading articles and watching videos are two ways fans can always build their status throughout the season.



Of course, fans are rewarded for showing their support by attending a game or recruiting their friends to join PLL Nation. Special badges and statuses are earned for reaching milestones in this category.

Get Ready for a New Way to Fan

PLL fans show their dedication in many ways. PLL Nation lets you build your fan status whenever and however, you chose to show your support. We can’t wait to launch this new way to fan. Join the PLL Nation Waitlist for more updates like this and to get a first look at PLL Nation before May 23rd.

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