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Redwoods vs Waterdogs

August 4th
8pm ET


Matchup Summary

The two clubs faceoff for the very first time. The Waterdogs are the most battle tested team in the tournament. All four games have been within one score. The new club has looked solid for 2-3 quarters each game and then hits a rough patch. Redwoods rebounded from an 0-2 start and have started to hit their groove. Expect a lot of shots to be taken from behind the two-point arc. Redwoods are first in two-point goals and Waterdogs are tied for second. They key matchup to focus on is the Midfield units. The team that has the most production from those players will likely come out on top and advance to the Semi-final. The winner will play the #1 seed Whipsnakes in the second round.

Team Score Per Game Scores Against Avg Shooting % 2pt Goals TOs Save %
Redwoods 9.8 10.5 19% 9 67 56%
Waterdogs 9.8 10.5 24% 3 67 51%

Team Leaders