Minor Consent Form

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We are contacting you to obtain your consent for your child or minor for whom you are responsible to have access to or to submit personally identifiable information to the Premier Lacrosse League (“PLL”). It is also possible that we have received a request from you or your child to participate in an activity or program operated by the PLL. Because this PLL program may come with features that require us to collect personal information from your child, we require you to read our complete Privacy Policy, and if it is acceptable to you, please provide your consent by signing this form. If you do not provide your consent, the PLL will not use any of the data or information in any regard or on any of its platforms.

Completed forms should be returned via hard copy or email/electronic copy to:

Premier Lacrosse League, Inc.
286 Madison Avenue, Suite 1705
New York, NY 10017

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
Description: Websites must obtain Verifiable Parental Consent before collecting information from children or permitting them to disclose personal information of children under 13 years. 

  1. I am the parent/legal guardian of ___________________________________[print]. I have read the PLL privacy policy and consent to allow my child to participate in and access the applicable PLL Program. 
  2. I have read the PLL privacy policy (provided above and again here) and consent to allow my child to disclose their personally identifiable information, including but not limited to, name, location, image or likeness, to be used by PLL employees, third party operators, sponsors and partners or the PLL’s assignees in administrating, advertising or promoting a PLL program for communication or marketing purposes. I grant to the PLL and its assignees permission to use and publish (including by electronic means) such information, provided that PLL does not make use of the information to imply any endorsement by my child or minor. 
  3. If at any point you, as the parent or legal guardian of the minor, would like to: limit further disclosure of the information to third parties, review any of the information collected or have the information removed from our records, please reach out to us at legal@premierlacrosseleague.com or at the address listed above.

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