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PLL Nation 2024 Begins with Championship Series Helmet Preview for Members

By Evan Mok-Lamme | Jan 30, 2024

LOS ANGELES – January 30, 2024 - PLL Nation Members can now access a behind-the-scenes look at the 2024 Championship Series Helmet designs. The Member Preview video can be viewed in the PLL App by members of PLL Nation, the league's rewards program for top fans.

The preview marks the start of "PLL Nation 2024" and the introduction of the league's new 2024 Member Rewards. Beginning today, Members can begin earning 2024 PLL Nation Status that can be used to unlock rewards and benefits. Fans who are not members, can unlock access to the preview and other league rewards by creating a PLL Nation profile in the PLL App.

PLLN 2024 Announcement Article

Preview the PLL's Newest Helmet Designs

This PLL Nation Preview gives members a comprehensive look at the PLL's newest Cascade XRS Pros. Designed by league partner, Fourg Athletics, the helmets feature new colors and decals for all four teams. The preview video offers a detailed look at all of the logos and team branding that will be seen on the field in February.

More 2024 PLL Nation Member Rewards

This year, PLL Nation Members can unlock a variety of league rewards and perks. As fans level up their status, they can access progressively exclusive benefits. In addition to the list of benefits shown here, members will get access to more league previews like the Helmet Design Preview throughout the season.