Fan Supporter Groups

By the fans, for the fans.

PLL-Recognized Supporter Groups are the heartbeat of our clubs in each of their home cities and beyond. They exist to connect PLL fans through watch parties and events, and provide an electric experience to our stadiums. Learn more about a Supporter Group near you.

Supporter Groups are fan-run and fan-led, and not affiliated with the Premier Lacrosse League or each of its 8 teams.


The Stampede

New York Atlas


Red Legion

Carolina Chaos


Canine Crew

Philadelphia Waterdogs


The Battery

Boston Cannons


The Den

California Redwoods

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Maryland Whipsnakes


Rough Riders

Denver Outlaws



Utah Archers

PLL Supporter Group Recognition

The PLL offers formal Recognition status to Supporter Groups, with the goal of directing local fans to proven and trusted organizations. Recognition status is limited exclusively to well-organized and active groups - and must be renewed annually. These groups receive special benefits from the league to ensure an elevated experience for the most committed fans.

Recognized Supporter Groups receive:

  • Official PLL Recognition
  • First Access to Supporter Section Tickets
  • Exclusive Discounts on Tickets
  • Support from the PLL’s Community / Supporter Group Team

In order to apply for Recognition, a Supporter Group must submit an application, which can be found below. All applications will be evaluated on the following tenets: 

Fan Approachability

Prospective Recognized-Supporter Groups must submit their content, including their group name, logo, social media channels, and website, to the league for evaluation. Fans can easily determine how to join your Supporter Group and locate important information.


All Recognized Supporter Groups are expected to uphold conduct in accordance with the Supporter Group Code of Conduct. 


Groups are able to demonstrate that they are actively hosting events, contributing in conversation on social media, and keeping all communication up to date.

Applications will be reviewed by an internal team. If a group meets all criteria, they will be considered for Recognition status. Further, the league retains discretion on any requirements for reevaluation. Recognition status is conditional upon meeting the criteria which PLL can and will recertify throughout the year. Any deficiencies will be raised to groups, who will be given a specific amount of time to resolve or risk losing their certification.