California Redwoods

For the West Coast


Our Team

We are California's lacrosse team. Where the flash of Hollywood meets the physicality and stature of our renowned Redwoods. Rostered with some of the most skilled players in the world - the Redwoods are a running, shooting, hard-hitting highlight reel. Join our journey as we bring the highest level of lacrosse to the Golden State.


Fan Favorite

This team has developed a natural home in the hearts of fans. A roster packed with stars, coupled with a penchant for close games and nail-biting victories - The Redwoods have been a crowd pleaser since day 1.


Gritty Defense

A defense that stands as tall as the redwood trees themselves. This core is led by veteran Eddy Glazener's stout defense and the best defensive player in the world - Garrett Epple, who is known for his bone-crushing hits.


Highlight Reel Stars

With Ryder Garnsey and Rob Pannell at the helm, the Redwoods offense is must-watch entertainment. Evidenced by a slough of Sports Center Top 10 appearances - the more spectacular the goals, the better for this group.

Our Crest


Your Stars


Rob Pannell

581 career points. 2018 MLL MVP. 2015 MLL Champion. Rob Pannell has accomplished it all on the lacrosse field – and he continues to climb the record books each season.


Ryder Garnsey

Ryder Garnsey is a human highlight reel. His relentless (and unorthodox) dodging style won him back-to-back Plays of the Year. You never know what Ryder is going to do next.


Nakeie Montgomery

From offense to defense, the third-year pro out of Duke does it all on the lacrosse field. Nakeie Montgomery's energy is unmatched.