From beginner, to advanced skillsets

There's an offering for your son to expand his knowledge of lacrosse.

“Thank you so much for making the journey to Alabama.
It really meant a lot of our players and our coaches. The legend of how great the clinic was continues to grow and I’ve heard players
and coaches raving about it. “

Todd Haley
Positional Training

Positional Training

Events focusing on development of position-specific skillsets.

• One-day training events
• 90 minutes
• Small to medium-sized groups
• Broken up by age and developmental level
• Small group training options available

Positional Training

Charlotte, NC

Athletes: Reece Eddy, Todd MacFarlane

Positional Training

Roanoke, VA

Athletes: Reece Eddy

Positional Training

Petaluma, CA

Athletes: Romar Dennis

PLL Academy x Spellman Performance Training Day

Los Angeles, CA

Athletes: Romar Dennis, Lizzie Colson, World-Class Speed Coach Les Spellman

Positional Training

Deer Park, NY

Athletes: Troy Reh, Justin Reh

Positional Training

Oshawa, ONT

Athletes: Mark Cockerton, Holden Garlent


Positional Training + Situational Play

San Antonio, TX

Athletes: Justin Anderson, Mark Cockerton, Todd MacFarlane, Mark McNeill


Positional Training

Philadelphia, PA

Athletes: Todd MacFarlane, Bryce Young, TBD

1/16/23 & 2/20/23

Positional Training

Portland, ME

Athletes: TBD

Overnight Camps

Multi-day events for young players to engage with and learn from PLL athletes.

Regional Overnights
Elevate your game with world-class training at our Regional Overnight events.
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Offensive Overnight
Specialized and in-depth training for offensive players.


High School Elite Overnight
Elite prospect event for high school talent.


Defensive Overnight
Specialized and in-depth training for defensive players.

Upcoming Overnights

PLL Overnight: Pennsylvania

Elizabethtown, PA

6/21 - 6/23/23

PLL Overnight: Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

6/26 - 6/29/23

PLL Overnight: Texas

San Antonio, TX

7/24 - 7/26/23

PLL Day Camp: New York

Warwick, NY

7/24 - 7/27/23

PLL Overnight: Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT

July Dates TBD

Players Tour

Instruction, competition, and fan experience with the stars of the Premier Lacrosse League.

Sharpen your skills through hands on instruction.


Challenge your peers for high-value prizes.


Enjoy live music, PLL merch, and meet your favorite PLL athlete.

Upcoming Tour Stops

No Players Tours scheduled.

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“We wanted to thank you for all of the effort you and your team put into organizing the PLL Players Tour Event with Tom Schreiber on Sunday, 1/24.  Brendon absolutely loved it and picked up some important learning from Tom and the coaching staff.  Chuck really made the atmosphere energetic with the music and commentary and we appreciated being able to watch the training session and VIP Q&A via Zoom.  It was a huge success! We look forward to the opportunity to participate in more of these events in the future.”

Jennifer Merchant - Parent
NJ Player's tour - Tom Schreiber