Rabil Overnight is a four-day experiential camp connecting Paul Rabil with 50 super-fans — ages 12 to 16 — from around the world.


2023 Summer
June 21st - 23rd
Bradenton, FL

IMG Academy


2023 Fall
November 3rd - 5th

Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Interested in either location?



The camp features an immersive agenda, pairing players and Paul with a unique set of Rabil-inspired activities and experiences. Agenda highlights include intimate training and skill development sessions, head-to-toe custom gear kits, player 1-on-1s with Paul, athlete & personal development (strength, nutrition, wellness), product workshops, group hangouts, cross-training, and some key surprise additions that won’t disappoint. Rabil Overnight is hosted by Paul and team at iconic venues on the East and West Coast; campers will have access to world-class facilities and equipment.

Meet Paul

Rabil Overnight is about players + Paul. Capping the event at 50, we ensure a potent and fulfilling experience for each attendee. A jam-packed itinerary with Paul ensures players get to interact in a variety of unique settings. While not mandatory, parents will be encouraged to join us for special sessions and "open" practices.

It was great to be in the room when some of the greatest to ever play the game told all of our kids that it's hard work, not just talent, that gets you to the top. My son came back from your camp motivated, excited, and best of all, educated.

Lacrosse First

Rabil Overnight is about players + Paul. Capping the event at 50, we ensure a potent and fulfilling experience for each attendee. A jam-packed itinerary with Paul ensures players get to interact in a variety of unique settings. While not mandatory, parents will be encouraged to join us for special sessions and "open" practices.

Personal Development

Personal growth is at the core of the Rabil Overnight experience. Attendees will compete in entrepreneurial challenges — invoking creativity, teamwork skills, leadership, and public speaking. Each player will also have a 1-on-1 meeting with Paul, an unparalleled opportunity to hear his insight on questions they have around skills, personal development, training, the PLL, or any topic of their choice.

My son will always remember not only the lacrosse skills he learned from his lacrosse idols, but also the hard work and dedication it takes to excel in sports, business, and more importantly, life.

Athlete Development

Skill development is supplemented with strength and conditioning education & application with world-class coaches. Closing the loop will be wellness and nutrition – including movement and nutrition workshops – plus daily meals in performance-focused dining facilities.


You're on the vlog. No Rabil event would be complete without a heaping dosage of media. Players will engage in video creation, interactive "how-to" sessions, and creative group application. Professional photographers and videographers will be active throughout the event to capture the best moments.


Guest appearances and speakers. Special meals. Group hangouts. Cross-training competitions. And still more.


Each Rabil Overnight attendee will be outfitted head-to-toe in a custom Rabil Overnight gear kit; each year will feature unique gear kits. Rabil Overnight 2021 attendees will receive the following:



Yes! We will have coaching opportunities for all position types – including full-time staff and special guest coaches

While not a requirement, we will have opportunities for parents to observe and get involved with the event – including a first-night welcome event and “open” practice + group sessions.

Yes. The registration fee covers all player activities – including food, lodging, training, and other player expenses. Please arrange travel to and from Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. 

Unleashed Overnight is an extremely high-touch event, which aims to create a unique and powerful experience for each of its participants. The Unleashed team makes multiple investments prior to each event including custom gear packages, venue deposits, staffing, and more. These items require significant lead-time. 

Timeline of Cancellation Refund Gear Package
Within 48 hours of original sign-up 100% refund n/a
More than 120 days from the event 100% refund minus $500 administration fee n/a
Between 120-45 days out from the event 50% refund If gear has been ordered, you may purchase at a discounted rate of $500
Within 45 days of the event 20% refund May receive gear in lieu of a cash refund, or receive a 20% refund and purchase the gear at a discounted rate of $500
  • A registrant shall be eligible for PLL Academy event credit in the full amount of the cost of the original event (less $500, for which registrant will receive his gear package at a discounted rate), if any of the following conditions are met (the “COVID Conditions”):
      • If a registrant or member of the registrant’s immediate family (including anyone that lives in the same home as the registrant) tests positive for COVID within 14 days of the event start date. Registrant must provide proof of positive test results. 
      • If a registrant is considered to be a “close contact” per CDC guidelines, then in place. Registrant must provide proof of contact chain. 
      • Updated State laws or regulations make it impossible or impracticable for a parent or guardian to travel to the event due to the resulting quarantine restrictions upon return to their home State. 
    • Unless otherwise approved by PLL Academy credits cannot be transferred, other than to participants in the same immediate family as the original registrant. All credits must be used within 12-months of the originally scheduled event or such credits will expire.
    • Alternatively, if the COVID Conditions are met, the registrant may elect a cash refund of Fifty Percent (50%), less $500, for which registrant will receive his gear package.
  • Refund RequestsAll requests for refunds must be made in writing (including email) to info@premierlacrosseleague.com and must be received by the stated cancellation deadline. All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. Refund requests must include the name of the attendee and date of the event. 
  • Action by the PLL: 
    • If the PLL elects to cancel an event, registrants will be offered a full refund. 
    • Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date.
  • No Refunds: No refunds will be issued after the start of an event, including, but not limited to, the following scenarios: registrants who choose not to attend an event, expulsion from an event, voluntary withdrawal from an event once the event has begun, or for injuries sustained while participating in the event.

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