2022 Players Top 50: #26 Ryan Terefenko

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 7, 2022

A SSDM of the Year finalist, in his first appearance in the Players Top 50, Ryan Terefenko soared to #26 in only his second year in the league. 

A fearless lockdown defender, Terefenko credits his continued development to the influence of playing alongside veteran defenders like Jesse Bernhardt and Mike Manley

“They’re both guys who I look up to on and off the field that have helped better my game,” said Terefenko. “We have a young team, but our defense is relatively older. Having experienced defensive leaders like that in combination with a defender like JT [Giles-Harris], you learn a lot.”

Defensively, Terefenko possesses the ability to beat any guy one-on-one in transition or in settled play without needing a pole. His groundball play is some of the best, leading all SSDMs in 2022 with 21. 

An Ohio State product, there was never a question of Terefenko’s defensive abilities coming into the PLL. However his continued ability to do it all on the field for the Chrome is an added bonus.

Terefenko came up big time for the Chrome in the comeback game of the season. Trailing 9-4 entering the final quarter versus the Cannons in Baltimore, the Chrome came to life in the fourth. What once was a five-goal lead for the Cannons suddenly was down to one. 

With less than a minute to go, Brendan Nichtern found Terefenko coming in hot from up top. Terefenko ran in for the fake, and then put the finish on the play to make it a tie ball game.

The infamous "Chromeback" was completed thanks to a Mike Messenger overtime winner. While Terefenko’s goal may have become the second-most memorable goal of the game, there’s no doubt it’s one he and his team will remember for a long time. 

#50-#26 of the 2022 Players Top 50 are out now. Check back tomorrow for #26-#21.

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