The players voted on who they believe is the best in the world

Players Top 50 List


Rank Player Team Position
1 Blaze Riorden Chaos Goalie
2 Tom Schreiber Archers Midfield
3 Lyle Thompson Cannons Attack
4 Grant Ament Archers Attack
5 Zach Currier Waterdogs Midfield
6 Jeff Teat Atlas Attack
7 Zed Williams Whipsnakes Attack
8 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes Attack
9 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LSM
10 Graeme Hossack Archers Defense
11 Josh Byrne Chaos Attack
12 Trevor Baptiste Atlas FO
13 Bryan Costabile Atlas Midfield
14 Myles Jones Redwoods Midfield
15 Jack Rowlett Chaos Defense
16 Rob Pannell Redwoods Attack
17 Matt Dunn Whipsnakes Defense
18 Paul Rabil Cannons Midfield
19 TD Ierlan Redwoods FO
20 Joe Nardella Whipsnakes FO
21 Zach Goodrich Cannons SSDM
22 Dhane Smith Chaos Midfield
23 Brad Smith Whipsnakes Midfield
24 Danny Logan Atlas SSDM
25 Garrett Epple Redwoods Defense
26 Jules Heningburg Redwoods Midfield
27 Liam Byrnes Waterdogs Defense
28 Matt Kavanagh Redwoods Attack
29 Marcus Holman Archers Attack
30 Tucker Durkin Atlas Defense
31 Dillon Ward Waterdogs Goalie
32 Eric Law Atlas Attack
33 Mikie Schlosser Waterdogs Midfield
34 Ben Randall Waterdogs Defense
35 Will Manny Archers Attack
36 Michael Rexrode Atlas Defense
37 Ryan Brown Waterdogs Attack
38 Jay Carlson Whipsnakes Attack
39 Sergio Perkovic Redwoods Midfield
40 Ryland Rees Waterdogs LSM
41 Adam Ghitelman Archers Goalie
42 Brodie Merrill Cannons Defense
43 Kieran McArdle Waterdogs Attack
44 Connor Kelly Waterdogs Midfield
45 Colin Heacock Chrome Midfield
46 Stephen Rehfuss Cannons Midfield
47 Tim Troutner Redwoods Goalie
48 Jake Withers Waterdogs FO
49 Scott Ratliff Archers LSM
50 Joel White Chrome LSM


Rank Player Team Position
1 Tom Schreiber Archers Midfield
2 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes Attack
3 Zed Williams Whipsnakes Attack
4 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LSM
5 Joe Nardella Whipsnakes FO
6 Blaze Riorden Chaos Goalie
7 Matt Dunn Whipsnakes Defense
8 Jordan Wolf Chrome Attack
9 Josh Byrne Chaos Attack
10 Kyle Bernlohr Whipsnakes Goalie
11 Matt Kavanagh Redwoods Attack
12 Grant Ament Archers Attack
13 Zach Currier Waterdogs Midfield
14 Ned Crotty Chrome Midfield
15 John Haus Whipsnakes Midfield
16 Garrett Epple Redwoods Defense
17 Will Haus Chrome SSDM
18 Curtis Dickson Chaos Attack
19 Mike Chanenchuk Whipsnakes Midfield
20 Justin Guterding Chrome Attack
21 Trevor Baptiste Atlas FO
22 Bryce Young Whipsnakes Defense
23 Rob Pannell Atlas Attack
24 Tucker Durkin Atlas Defense
25 Jack Near Redwoods SSDM
26 Tyler Warner Whipsnakes SSDM
27 Scott Ratliff Archers LSM
28 Jack Rowlett Chaos Defense
29 Jesse Bernhardt Chrome Defense
30 Sergio Perkovic Redwoods Midfield
31 Eddy Glazener Redwoods Defense
32 Ryder Garnsey Redwoods Attack
33 Will Manny Archers Attack
34 Matt McMahon Archers Defense
35 Eric Law Atlas Attack
36 Myles Jones Redwoods Midfield
37 Bryan Costabile Atlas Midfield
38 Connor Kelly Waterdogs Midfield
39 Marcus Holman Archers Attack
40 Kieran McArdle Waterdogs Attack
41 Tim Troutner Redwoods Goalie
42 Paul Rabil Atlas Midfield
43 Cade van Raaphorst Atlas Defense
44 Jordan MacIntosh Chrome Midfield
45 Jack Concannon Atlas Goalie
46 Jake Bernhardt Whipsnakes SSDM
47 Connor Farrell Chrome FO
48 Jake Froccaro Chaos Midfield
49 Dominique Alexander Archers SSDM
50 Brent Adams Redwoods Midfield


Rank Player Team Position
1 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes Attack
2 Tom Schreiber Archers Midfield
3 Connor Fields Chaos Attack
4 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes Long Stick Midfield
5 Trevor Baptiste Atlas Faceoff
6 Blaze Riorden Chaos Goalie
7 Marcus Holman Archers Attack
8 Jordan Wolf Chrome Attack
9 Matthew Dunn Whipsnakes Defense
10 Matt Kavanagh Redwoods Attack
11 Mike Chanenchuk Whipsnakes Midfield
12 Tucker Durkin Atlas Defense
13 Will Manny Archers Attack
14 Paul Rabil Atlas Midfield
15 Jarrod Neumann Chaos Defense
16 Jake Froccaro Chaos Midfield
17 Connor Buczek Atlas Midfield
18 Kyle Bernlohr Whipsnakes Goalie
19 Garrett Epple Redwoods Defense
20 Jake Bernhardt Whipsnakes Midfield
21 Justin Guterding Chrome Attack
22 Jules Heningburg Redwoods Attack
23 Matthew Landis Redwoods Defense
24 Joel White Chrome Long Stick Midfield
25 Ned Crotty Chrome Midfield
26 Myles Jones Redwoods Midfield
27 Bryce Young Whipsnakes Defense
28 Dominique Alexander Archers Midfield
29 Joseph Nardella Whipsnakes Faceoff
30 Ryder Garnsey Redwoods Attack
31 Jack Concannon Atlas Goalie
32 Eric Law Atlas Attack
33 Scott Ratliff Archers Long Stick Midfield
34 Josh Byrne Chaos Attack
35 Ryan Brown Atlas Attack
36 Brent Adams Redwoods Midfield
37 Connor Kelly Whipsnakes Midfield
38 Sergio Perkovic Redwoods Midfield
39 Tyler Warner Whipsnakes Midfield
40 Greg Gurenlian Redwoods Faceoff
41 Drew Snider Whipsnakes Midfield
42 Ryan Drenner Whipsnakes Attack
43 Sergio Salcido Redwoods Midfield
44 Kyle Hartzell Atlas Long Stick Midfield
45 Brodie Merrill Chaos Defense
46 Joe Walters Redwoods Midfield
47 Matt McMahon Archers Defense
48 Kieran McArdle Atlas Attack
49 Jordan MacIntosh Chrome Midfield
50 Tim Troutner Redwoods Goalie