2022 Players Top 50: #4 Jeff Teat

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 15, 2022

The first overall pick in a stacked 2021 College Draft, expectations were high for Jeff Teat. After a stellar Rookie of the Year season last year, Teat came into 2022 with an even higher ceiling. Somehow, the star attackman continues to exceed and impress as what Paul Carcaterra called, “the smoothest lacrosse player in the world.” 

Raised in a lacrosse family, at just 25-years old Teat possesses the lacrosse IQ of a seasoned veteran. It’s evident not just when he’s scoring crazy “how the heck did he do that?” goals effortlessly, but his overall vision on the field is unmatched. Even with defenders draped on him, Teat finds even the slightest opening or space for himself to take the shot.

With an attack of Eric Law, Chris Gray, and Teat, the Bulls have perhaps the scariest attack group in the league. Teat ranked second in the league in assisted shooting percentage at 57.1%, accounting for 16 goals. In first? Law, shooting 59.3%, also with 16 assisted goals. 

As smart and talented as he is as one of the world’s best attackmen, Teat’s also a selfless player. The Atlas put such an emphasis on that family-style of play, that no one guy is ever trying to be the star. Part of what makes their attack so scary is any of those three can do damage and never hesitate to share the ball. Teat produced 16 assists, tied with his own teammate Chris Gray for sixth best in the league. His high lacrosse IQ is a benefit not just to him, but to everyone he plays with.

#50-#4 of the 2022 Players Top 50 are out now. Check back tomorrow for #3-#1.

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