2022 Training Camp Journal: Part II

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 1, 2022

All eight teams scrimmaged on Tuesday afternoon for two 25-minute running time halves.

Redwoods held off a late Waterdogs surge for a “win.” Atlas controlled the tempo and looked surgical against Chrome. Archers got offense from three poles to make up for Grant Ament’s absence against the Whipsnakes. And Blaze Riorden dominated the Cannons LC shooters.

Here are some major takeaways:

Redwoods LC

  • John Sexton did not participate in Tuesday scrimmages. Kyle Hartzell and Ryan Kennedy took the bulk of the LSM runs.
  • Almost every offensive midfielder took a FO wing rep. TD Ierlan is a dominant clamper – and he wins more faceoffs to himself than anyone else. It makes sense to capitalize on that and spark early offense with Sergio Perkovic, Charlie Bertrand, Jules Heningburg or Nakeie Montgomery on a wing.
  • Those offensive midfielders have taken tons of defensive reps, too. Given the Redwoods slide-and-recover scheme and their comfort level switching picks, those short-sticks are always supported. It’s okay if they have one “offensive” midfielder on the field. They’ll be ready to help if necessary.
  • When Nakeie was on-ball, it wasn’t necessary. Nakeie shadowed Zach Currier step for step on the wing:

Waterdogs LC

  • The Waterdogs had hot and cold moments. They were outplayed in the gray. Unsettled opportunities were an advantage for the Woods.
  • Their best offense was triggered by the midfield. A nice weave action punctuated by a Connor Kelly stepdown was their prettiest look of the day.
  • I walked by the team fishing in the pond but Mikie Schlosser said I couldn’t take a picture for social. I think this team – who dominated when scheduled for two games in one weekend in 2021 – is most looking forward to a couple days spent together off the field.

Atlas LC

  • This offense is in midseason form.
  • Rookie midfielder Brendan Curry (Syracuse) is dodging hard and getting his hands free. Off-ball he was rewarded on his cut as Chrome extended on the perimeter; Teat found a full-speed Curry for an inside finish.
  • Second overall pick Chris Gray (UNC) attacked his matchups more than he had in practice. At times he was unguardable both on the wing and at X. He scored his first goal after attacking the middle then rolling back to his left hand. His second goal was a backhand finish from X.

Chrome LC

  • Chrome’s starting attack: Dylan Molloy, Brendan Nichtern, and Brendan Kavanagh.
  • Molloy is in great shape; he showed up to training camp ready to compete.
  • JT Giles-Harris could be defensive coordinator Jacques Monte’s next lockdown defender. Historically, Monte’s defenses refuse to slide to their top pole (and sometimes, even to their short-sticks). When they have someone they can trust against the league’s top attackmen, they’re tough to score on.
  • Pat Aslanian continues to impress at SSDM; today as a scorer leading the fast break.
  • John Ranagan ran some defensive shifts. He ate a shot off the helmet. This is what it’s all about.
  • Nichtern threw a Schreiberian skip pass on the power play. He was an absolute steal in the draft.

Archers LC

Whipsnakes LC

  • Chris Aslanian can shoot.
  • Rookie Jackson Reid (Ohio State) started on attack alongside Matt Rambo and Brad Smith.
  • Smith looked like the best player on this offense. He continues to improve his game year-over-year.
  • Kyle Bernlohr got the start in cage.
  • Undrafted rookie free agent Brennan Kamish (Rutgers) buried a fast break goal off a faceoff win.

Chaos LC

Cannons LC

  • Trickle-down matchups are real. Without Paul Rabil, Stephen Rehfuss is drawing the pole. Rehfuss inverts were a form of just-add-water offense for the Cannons in 2021. Which matchup do they lean on in ‘22?
  • Lyle Thompson created some quality shots for teammates – but Blaze Riorden stuffed them all.
  • Stephen Kelly and Alex Woodall looked good at the stripe against Archers LC on Monday; they seemed to break even with Tommy Kelly and Jerry Ragonese on Tuesday.
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