Tom Schreiber Long Island

Archers extend three-time MVP Tom Schreiber through 2026

By Zach Carey | May 14, 2024

The best lacrosse player in the world will play for the Utah Archers for at least three more seasons. 

Coming off the club’s first championship, Utah head coach and general manager Chris Bates on Monday locked down Tom Schreiber before his contract expires at the end of 2024.

This is a huge deal for Utah. At the age of 32 and having just won his first PLL title, his second World Championship and his third MVP, retirement could’ve been on the cards for Schreiber. Instead, he’s sticking with the club he helped found. As an added bonus, the Archers didn’t have to negotiate against the open market nor sweat that he might look elsewhere. 

There’s no question Schreiber is worth extending for two more years through 2026. There’s a reason Bates always rejects California Redwoods head coach Nat St. Laurent when he offers every draft pick the ‘Woods have for Schreiber’s services. 

In his 10th professional season, Schreiber showed zero signs of slowing down. On the field, the veteran midfielder remained the offense’s primary catalyst, finishing tied for fourth in the league with 37 points (16G, 2T, 20A). Off it, he was the club’s lone captain and embraced a more vocal presence after the offseason departures of veterans Marcus Holman, Will Manny, Scott Ratliff and Dominique Alexander

Schreiber is the latest in a line of Archers who’ve signed extensions this offseason. Utah also extended Latrell Harris, Mac O’Keefe, Tre Leclaire and Connor Fields through 2026 and Brett Dobson through 2027. Ryan Ambler — who was set to hit free agency after the Championship Series this past winter — also signed a two-year deal through 2025. 

The club was going to have a boatload of free agents after 2024. But Bates has put any real concern to bed. He’s set the club up well to make informed decisions with its remaining free agents. That's the benefit of making roster and salary decisions ahead of time. 

Utah’s roster management has been nearly flawless the last few years. The club is in an enviable position with a few high-performing veterans, a handful of star players in their prime and a healthy batch of first- or second-year players who project to be long-term pieces.

The Archers are built to win now and later. Extending Schreiber fortifies that future.