GAME RECAP: Chaos beat Archers in Week 4

Archers LC vs. Chaos LC Week 4 Recap

The first quarter of Sunday’s matchup was all Chaos. The Archers sharpshooters didn’t seem to have woken up yet as the Chaos’ electric start saw them go up 6-3 at the start of the second quarter. Most of the Chaos’ incredible first quarter was down to the stifling defense they played on the Archers’ attack.

The second quarter continued with the dominance of Chaos, going all the way into the third quarter. Miles Thompson had an incredible behind the back goal that will definitely end up on the highlight reel for this game. Goalie Blaze Riorden was one of the shining stars throughout the game. His unbelievable 76.9% save percentage in the first half being one of the main talking points. The Chaos’ goalie finished the day with a remarkable 21 saves. The Chaos continued their defensive dominance by only letting up one goal from the Archers the entire second quarter. It was incredible to watch them play as they headed into the half up 10-4 on the day. One of the main weapons was Connor Fields, who lead the Chaos offense with three goals in the first half, continuing to be an explosive player on this offense.

The third quarter saw the Archers inching their way back and showing some signs of hope. But the Chaos continued to lay down goals and kept their lead throughout the entire third quarter, establishing a 14-9 lead heading into the fourth.

The Archers’ sharpshooters began to wake up in the beginning of the fourth quarter, while halting the Chaos defense. Coach Chris Bates’ adjustments to his Archers team helped them make a huge run in the fourth quarter, scoring four straight goals to come back within one of the Chaos, 14-13.

Despite a final possession for the Archers in the last minute, the Chaos held on to secure another victory - extending their record to 3-1 on the season. The Archers will be looking to bounce back next week following back-to-back defeats.

Archers play again against Atlas, June 28th at 8pm in Georgia State Stadium.

Chaos play again against Chrome, June 29th at 1pm in Georgia State Stadium.

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