GAME RECAP: Redwoods defeat the Archers in D.C.

Archers LC vs. Redwoods LC Week 6 Recap

Defense ruled the early stages of Saturday’s Redwoods and Archers matchup in the first quarter, with both teams raking up a total of three points. Archers’ Christian Cuccinello and Kevin Rice helped the team out with two in the first quarter. Redwoods’ standout Brent Adams scored the lone first quarter goal for the Redwoods and awakened the team from their slumber.

The second quarter started out all Redwoods with two goals from Ryder Garnsey and Adams, giving the team a quick lead, however Archers would respond right away. Goals from Will Manny and Scott Ratliff brought the Archers back up one on the day, 4-3. The most exciting play of the half came with nine seconds left in the second quarter - Matt Kavanagh coming in clutch with a last minute goal to tie this up 4-4, heading into the third quarter.

In the third, Redwoods shooters started to really wake up. Adams being one of the main stars on the day as Nat St. Laurent’s team stretched their lead to three in the third quarter.

The Archers’ sharpshooters were forced to wake up quickly in the fourth quarter and they responded brilliantly. Will Manny’s early goal in the quarter stirred things up and brought the momentum back to the Archers. Fellow clubhouse leader Marcus Holman continued the comeback and forced the game to overtime.

The OT winner came from none other than Jules Heningburg - one of the PLL’s brightest young stars. This winner continues his streak of making impact plays after his notable trade from the Whipsnakes. The Redwoods win it today, 9-8, over the Archers.

The Redwoods LC play again July 27th, at 3pm MDT in Denver against the Atlas LC.

The Archers LC play again July 28th, at 2pm MDT, in Denver against the Chrome LC.

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