Nelson Rice

365 Days Of The PLL

Almost 365 days ago, we didn’t know that future PLL MVP and Championship hero Matt Rambo would quarterback the Whipsnakes. We didn’t know Andy Towers would helm the Chaos with a leadership style brimming with passion and intensity.

Top 10 Moments Of The Archers Season

From an overtime win in the PLL’s first game all the way back on June 1 to demolishing the Atlas for the first overall draft pick, the Archers’ season had no shortage of memorable moments.

Mic’d Up Moments That Defined The 2019 Season

This summer NBC Sports and PLL cameras brought us onto the sideline, within the huddle, and under players’ helmets. We didn’t have to wait until a game ended to find out what players were thinking about a certain moment. Analyst Ryan Boyle could just ask them.

Top 10 Moments Of The Chrome Season

Top 10 Moments Of The Chrome Season The number of memorable moments for Chrome this summer far outweighed their record (2-10). The offense rounded into one of the PLL’s most potent units and recorded the two highest scoring performances of the regular season. Those two wins were against the league’s toughest competition. From Gutty’s goals …

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Redwoods LC vs. Whipsnakes LC Championship Recap

On a clear afternoon along the banks of the Delaware River with the temperature in the mid 80s, the Whipsnakes outlasted the Redwoods 12-11 in overtime to claim the inaugural PLL Championship. The ninth overtime game of PLL season was arguably its most exciting.

Drew Snider: Chasing Championships

On a wooden desk in Drew Snider’s office there’s enough hardware to fill an aisle at Home Depot. There’s three professional championship rings, two World Games medals, and an assortment of other accolades.

Chaos vs. Redwoods Postseason Round 2 Recap

“I knew deep down all we had to do was make the playoffs,” Redwoods midfielder Joe Walters said on Wednesday. “All we had to do was get healthy, make the playoffs, and then we’ll go on a run. I think that’s what you’re seeing right now.”

Redwoods Rookies: What Pressure?

There’s at least one goalie in the PLL who’s figured out some of Ryder Garnsey’s tendencies. Fortunately for the Redwoods, Timmy Troutner wears the same jersey as Garnsey on game days.

Archers vs. Redwoods Postseason Round 1 Columbus Recap

No more playoff scenarios to contemplate, no more score differential left to calculate. Entering the first playoff game in Premier Lacrosse League history the No. 3 seed Archers (5-5) and No. 4 Redwoods (5-5) shared a singular goal.