Cannons LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Current Roster

Attack: Ryan Drenner, Clarke Petterson, Brendan Gleason

Midfield: Paul Rabil, Connor Buczek, Brent Adams, Josh Currier, Deemer Class, Max Tuttle

FO: Drew Simoneau, Brendan Fowler, Tommy Kelly

SSDM: Sam Duggan, Tyson Bell

LSM: Reece Eddy

D: Brodie Merrill, Curtis Corley, Jake Pulver

G: Jacob Stover


#1 overall, #6 overall, #17 overall

#1 Need: Go-to initiator

Offenses need a hierarchy. Who gets the ball when the clock winds down? The Cannons added solid depth across the board in the Expansion Draft; the top pick in Thursday’s draft should give them a go-to playmaker.

Secondary Needs: Goalie, lefty scorers

Jacob Stover hasn’t seen many reps in the cage in the pros. Head coach Sean Quirk is excited about his experience in a winning culture, but will need to add another goalie or two before training camp.

Deemer Class and Brendan Gleason are the only lefties in this lineup. Field balance is important in this league. Adding more left-handed dodgers and finishers will help facilitate ball movement from one side to the other (and back!).

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