Championship Keys

By Jake Watts | Aug 9, 2020

Josh Byrne is playing like the MVP

  • First 4 games (5 goals, 1 Assist)
    • 1 goal and 1 assist in last matchup vs. Whipsnakes
  • Last two games (6 goals , 6 Assists)

Byrne Has become #1 playmaker on the team. He can play with and without the ball.

  • 7 unassisted goals (second most in PLL)
  • 4 assisted goals

Byrne has the advantage against most defenders on the field. He will need to keep up his all world play for Chaos to be the champions.

Chaos’ Ball Movement

  • Shot 14-for-61 (23.0%) off the catch in group play
  • Shooting 16-for-33 (48.5%) off the catch during the postseason

Chaos Defending the Whipsnakes Ball Movement

  • Whipsnakes average 20 assisted shots per game. (Most in the PLL)
  • Finsh 38% of those shots. (Best in the PLL)
  • Chaos defense averages 23 assisted shots against per game (Most in the PLL)
  • Blaze saves 56% of assisted shots (Best in the PLL)
  • Whipsnakes have the most second assists in the league (15)
  • Chaos gives up the most two pass shots.
  • Late slides is the root cause for giving up a ton of assisted shots.

Whipsnakes Defending the Wings

  • Chaos initiates from the wings 60% of the time
  • Righty Wing (Curtis Dickson, Dhane Smith, Sergio Salcido, Jake Froccaro)
  • Lefty Wing (Josh Byrne, Kevin Buchanan)
  • Chaos is shooting 55% on two-man games from the left wing. (Best in the PLL)
  • Chaos is at its best when it plays east to west & west to east.

Whipsnakes Defending Austin Staats

  • Whips are slow to slide. Only when someone gets obviously beat.
  • Staats is a guy that never really “beats” his defender but still makes plays when defenders body him. Makes sliding decisions harder for opponents.
  • Staats had one assist and one second assist last matchup.

Battle on the Faceoff Wing

  • Best wing GB team (Whipsnakes) vs. the worst team (Chaos)
    • Whipsnakes average 6 wing gbs a game, Chaos averages 3
    • Michael Ehrhardt tied for league lead in Wing GBs (11)
    • Tyler Warner third most among short sticks (7)
  • Chaos started to double pole the wings last game.
    • Tyson Bell will play the wing with a pole.

Battle at The Stripe

Name Clamp % FO% Wing GBs Own GBs Win% After Lost Clamp
Joe Nardella 58.1% 74% 24 51 64%
Tommy Kelly 59.2% 36% 15 19 14%

Top Two Goalies in the World

Name Save% Clean Save% Fast Break Save% Assisted Save% Unassisted Save%
Blaze Riorden 63% 38% 58% 55% 61%
Kyle Bernlohr 61% 31% 75% 54% 58%