Chaos LC converting 60% of vineyard vines powerplays

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jul 28, 2022

Through six games, Chaos LC has converted 9-of-15 (60.0%) of its vineyard vines powerplays. It's the highest powerplay percentage in league history among units with 10 or more chances, pacing just ahead of the '21 Redwoods (10-for-17, 59%).

The key to Chaos's powerplay success: Mac O’Keefe's time-and-room shooting.

From his signature low release point, he’s able to hit any level of the cage. Low, high, you name it – it’s all available to him.

He’s been lights out on the vineyard vines powerplay. Early in his rookie season, Chaos tested him out as a 2-point stretch shooter on that unit. Since they planted him in his sweet spot inside the arc, he has shot 4-for-6 (66.7%) on the VVPP.

Chaos needs to create more stepdown shots for Mac outside of the VVPP. As a midfielder, he rarely (if ever) sees stepdowns in transition. But there are ways to unlock him in six-on-six sets -- by using him as a picker for Josh Byrne or sealing for him while Dhane Smith dodges on the righty side.

Through six games O'Keefe only has 13 assisted shots; none of those assists have been from Byrne. Reuniting the league’s most dangerous pick-n-roll duo in Byrne-O’Keefe would help Chaos find its Championship offense.

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