Chaos LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions

M Ian MacKay (via trade with Archers LC), A Chase Fraser (via player pool), M Dalton Crossan (via player pool)

Offseason Losses

A Connor Fields (traded to Archers LC), M Kevin Buchanan (retired), M Deemer Class (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), FO Tommy Kelly (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), SSDM Tyson Bell (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), D Jason Noble (player pool), M Greyson Torain (player pool)


#8 overall, #16 overall, #24 overall

#1 Need: FO

Chaos faced off at 35% -- lowest in the league in 2020. Tommy Kelly is gone (selected by the Cannons LC in the Expansion Draft).

Will Max Adler be available at #8? If so, he seems like a no-brainer. Adler is a career 58.4% faceoff man with experience against PLL talent -- especially against Joe Nardella.

It’s unlikely that TD Ierlan slips to Chaos’s first round pick (6th overall) in April’s College Draft. Securing a faceoff option now is ideal.

Secondary Needs: Defense/SSDM

Tyson Bell -- also gone to the Cannons -- gave Chaos reps as a short-stick defensive midfielder and as a long-stick midfielder last summer. That type of versatility is even more valuable as gameday rosters go down to a normal size this season.

Can anyone in this Entry Draft class play short-stick and pole? Head coach Andy Towers likes Ian MacKay as an offensive midfielder-slash-LSM hybrid. MacKay could play a large role in the trips offense, though. Adding defensive depth on Thursday will allow MacKay to take more offensive shifts.

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