Crease Collapse of the Week: JT Giles-Harris

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Aug 2, 2022

Crease Collapses of the Week don’t happen in transition. This is a first.

We’re taught at a young age that the ball moves faster than your feet. For a defender to close the gap before the ball arrives in transition requires a ridiculous combo of anticipation and athleticism.

Chrome LC defender JT Giles-Harris has both. He blows up this 5-on-4 fast break against the Whipsnakes, who only have three fast break turnovers on the season. Giles-Harris rotates from Zed Williams to Keegan Khan to completely prevent a shot here.

Giles-Harris is the frontrunner for the Dave Pietramala Defender of the Year Award. He has erased almost every assignment on Chrome’s schedule.

Matt Moore in Week 1? Giles-Harris forced Archers to move him to midfield.

Rob Pannell in Week 2? 1-for-4 shooting (powerplay goal) and three turnovers as the Woods managed to put up three points.

Giles-Harris has battled with Kieran McArdleLyle ThompsonJeff TeatMichael Sowers, and now Zed. There’s not one specific type of attackman that Giles-Harris defends. Cerebral attackmen, speedy attackmen, bruising attackmen – he defends them all.

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