Crease Collapses of the Week: Week 1

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 7, 2022

I couldn’t pick one this week. Let’s make up for lost time with two (2) Crease Collapses of the Week.

CCOTW #1: Matt Dunn fills from the weak side after Chaos LC creates an advantage in the sub game. In theory the ball moves faster than your feet. But as Chaos swings around the perimeter, the Whipsnakes defense rotates adjacent. Tommy Palasek thinks he has an open Bradley a.k.a. Bubba a.k.a. Ricky Voigt. He doesn’t. Matt Dunn is lurking.

CCOTW #2: Up by one point against an Archers LC vineyard vines powerplay unit that had gone 2-for-3 on the day prior, Mike Manley made a game-saving crease collapse.

The Archers wanted to feed Marcus Holman on the interior. A skip from Schreiber (top-center) to Matt Moore on the pipe seemed to open Holman up – until Manley slammed the door to secure a Chrome win.

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