Danny Logan: Lockdown SSDM

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 7, 2022

Danny Logan is a fifth pole on the field for Atlas LC. The Denver product won the 2021 George Boiardi Hard Hat SSDM Award as a rookie – and he continues to prove he can match up with any time of dodger.

Logan can collide with bigger dodgers like Myles Jones above the arc. He can match feet with explosive dodgers like Nakeie Montgomery. This strip was a “welcome to the league, rookie” moment for Montgomery. Sometimes it’s best to make one move and go. When you get into Logan’s body, he’ll pick your pocket.

Atlas LC allowed 1.91 goals per game initiated from X in ’21. Part of that is Michael Rexrode’s play against the top assignment. Another factor: They’re uninvertable. They cannot be inverted. Congrats, you have Logan at X. What are you gonna do against him?

Defensive coordinator Ken Clausen loves to scout. He’s double-fisting a whiteboard and an iPad at all times. There’s a capital “L” next to Matt Kavanagh’s name in those scouting reports – so Logan trails Kavanagh through X and sits on that rollback. When Kavanagh shows his hands to feed, Logan lands a hard check, dislodges the ball, and causes another turnover.

When you watch ALL IN or talk to anyone around Atlas LC, you’ll hear one major point of emphasis: Defensive transition. This team allowed a league-high 2.82 fast break goals per game in ’21. When they got in the hole, teams had to go through Logan & co. (ranked 3rd in settled defensive efficiency) for goals.

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