Chrome Lacrosse Club attackman Dylan Molloy playing in the Premier Lacrosse League's 2023 Championship Series

Dylan Molloy takes another step forward with Chrome in Championship Series victory

By Josh Schafer | Mar 1, 2023

It finally appeared like Atlas had begun pulling away. Romar Dennis was heating up from beyond the two-point arc, extending the Atlas lead to three points.

Then Dylan Molloy came barreling off the sideline to drill a two-pointer. A few possessions later, he hit nearly an identical shot. 

Molloy, who entered the Championship Series without a two-point goal in his professional lacrosse career, tallied three scores from beyond the arc during the Finale, propelling Chrome past Atlas in a 24-23 victory.

Molloy proved to be one of many players that flashed new skills as the sixes format forced them out of their traditional role. The All-American attackman at Brown did his usual scoring, posting 23 points (12 goals, 6 assists) but he also forced two turnovers and scored five of those twelve goals from two-point range. 

“I didn't really have any expectations or know how it was gonna go,” Molloy said of the sixes format. “And I thought it was really fun, honestly, like getting up-and-down (the field), which I never really get to do or want to do. But being forced to do it kind of opened up new, new experiences, and kind of broadened my skill set…It was really interesting, you know, I didn't know that playing D would have so much impact on my offensive game.”

Since joining Chrome late in 2021, Molloy has slowly built himself into an incrementally larger role with Chrome. During the Championship Series, the attackman largely known for his scoring process finally stepped out of his bubble, which he admits pretty much started and ended on the wing, less than 10 yards from the goalie. 

With little sixes experience, Molloy wasn’t sure what to expect from the fast pace game, he just knew he’d need to be more involved up and down the field than in field lacrosse. In the months leading into the series, he signed up for workout classes across Manhattan at gyms like Barry’s Boot Camp and the Mile High Running club, where extended cardio and endurance are key focuses. 

Molloy’s focus on the defensive side of the ball paid off and having energy on both sides of the field paid off. With Chrome defending a lead late in the fourth quarter, Molloy slid across the crease and decleated Whipsnakes’ Jay Carlson.

“Our guys have played both ends,” Chrome acting head coach Jacques Monte said after Chrome’s victory over Whipsnakes. “We haven’t really specialized in O or D. And that’s helped us preserve the bodies but also put them in a position where they want to play D. They’ve worked at it. Dylan Molloy’s played a bit of D and he’s doing a pretty good job.”

With talented offensive players at every position, some games in the series Molloy was just trying to “lay the body,” he said. That versatility shown by players like Molloy and goalie Sean Sconone who had key assists on goals down the field helped propel Chrome over the hump on Sunday.  

Now, after finally hoisting a trophy, Chrome hopes it can carry that momentum into the summer. 

“Just knowing you have it in you just get across the finish line is just a huge thing to build on,” Molloy said. “There were a lot of young guys on our outdoor team that were doing great things but we didn't do that well in the playoffs…So getting to this point where we actually close out two big games that's big for us to show we kind of can just show our composure there.”