Entry Draft Spotlight: Bryce Wasserman

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 16, 2021

Bryce Wasserman is a party starter. The 2020 MLL MVP will run by anyone at X – in an isolation or sweeping off a pick – to initiate offense.

Wasserman (Monmouth ’18 by way of Southlake, TX) has speed. He spent most of his time behind the cage for the Cannons last summer, but took some runs out of the box. Expect him to see more time at midfielder, both as a downhill dodger and as an invert threat like John Crawley or Brad Smith.

In the 2020 MLL Championship, Wasserman was drawing switches at will as a picker. He torched those switched short-sticks. At his best, Wasserman is a quarterback who can collapse the defense and float skip passes toward weakside two-on-ones.

Sometimes he gets greedy. Those skip lanes can close in a hurry – especially against the most cohesive PLL defenses. Pass deflections like this one end with the defense clearing the ball upfield more times than not. But his vision to recognize the open man and his confidence throwing cross-field skips with either hand are encouraging.

We know Wasserman can dodge; much like Daniel Bucaro, that sets his floor as a pro. Dodgers who can win their one-on-one matchup regularly will always have a role.

Wasserman’s ceiling will be determined by his off-ball game. He’s been a quarterback from Monmouth to the Cannons. He’ll share the field this summer with several other playmakers; and likely spend more time cutting, mirroring, and popping to space than ever before. Keep an eye on his ability to find open seams when he makes his PLL debut this summer.

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