Entry Draft Spotlight: Graeme Hossack

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

2018 All-World defenseman Graeme Hossack is returning to field lacrosse.

The Team Canada cover man and 3-time NLL Defensive Player of the Year is the top defender available in Thursday’s Entry Draft. He has the range and athleticism to take risks on the perimeter and recover.

Hossack throws a ton of checks – not with the intention of dislodging the ball from the stick, instead with the intention of separating the ball carrier from his stick. He caused 29 turnovers in his last full season on the field.

Hossack covered Team USA’s top matchup – Rob Pannell – in the 2018 FIL Tournament. He went step-for-step with one of the game’s best quarterbacks on an island without a shot clock. Re-watch those games, and you’ll notice Pannell scores almost every time he gets a switch; his points came against everyone but Hossack.

Against Cyborg (as he’s known up north), Pannell was kept quiet.

An LSM at DII Lindenwood University, Hossack’s battles with Pannell in Israel were a preview of what he can be as a full-time close defenseman. He’s turning into a traditional, sit-down defender while still maintaining some of that takeaway check flavor.

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