Entry Draft Spotlight: Mikie Schlosser

By Kyle Devitte | Mar 17, 2021

Do you enjoy midfielders that smile, rip shots and execute wonky run-ups? Then you’re going to love Mikie Schlosser. When we talk about offensive players, we rarely address the nature of deception in their game. There is no player in this – or any other – draft that employs as much deception as Schlosser.

Usually, deception refers to shooting or shot placement – with Schlosser it’s much more visceral. He plays at a speed that is much, much faster than it appears on tape. Defenders aren’t just beaten by Schlosser’s mazy run-ups, they’re downright confounded by them. Turns out some people’s hips do, in fact, lie. If you want to see a look of panic on a short-stick defensive midfielder’s face, then you need to see them switching onto a streaking Mikie Schlosser as he goes from a lazy jaunt to rocket-propelled jabberwocky towards the goal. Out of the box, at the top of the midfield stripe, peeling off of a pick switch – it doesn’t matter. If there is an opening, he will find it and exploit it.

Now, Schlosser has dealt with some injuries in recent years, but by all accounts, he is back to fighting weight. Which is ironic because off the field he’s about as far from a fight as an online proprietor of Oolong tea. To call Schlosser chill would do a disservice to the word “chill.”

Everyone wants a guy that can make the locker room shake with laughter. Schlosser is that guy. He’s unassumingly earnest, makes friends easily, and is a general joy to be around. Now, there are a lot of guys in the PLL that are personable, but Schlossy? Schlossy is a natural born teammate. He’s not a killer. He’s not an egomaniac. He’s a perfect addition to any PLL midfield with his playstyle and any PLL locker room with his personality.

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