Entry Draft Spotlight: Randy Staats

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 21, 2021

Randy Staats is widely regarded as one of the best pickers in pro lacrosse. He always seems to either (a) completely plow the on-ball defender or (b) escaped unscathed with a mismatch to attack.

When he gets those mismatches, he backs them down to the island. Staats is the rare postup player who can’t be snuck up on. He has eyes in the back of his head – and every pass is available to him from there. He’ll throw behind-the-back or bottom-hand shovels toward cutters on the interior.

Staats is also an incredibly deceptive shooter. Everything is a leaner. So many of Staats’ goals go stick-side high – but the goalie’s stick had already followed his eyes to the turf!

He uses his defender as a screen to sneak shots past goalies. Cross-check holds won’t cut it; you need V-holds or reverse V-holds in Staats’ gloves at all times. Pushing him won’t phase him.

The righty wing is one of the most underutilized areas of initiation around the league. Some offenses don’t want to fall into postup patterns; when the defense doesn’t take the bait, you end up looking like Chaos through pool play in 2020.

But Staats can do so much more. He played in a motion offense at Syracuse. He can finish, create shots for himself, feed others, pick – everything you’d want in an offensive weapon. Whichever club lands Staats will be getting a creative, deceptive playmaker.

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