Entry Draft Spotlight: Sean Sconone

By Kyle Devitte | Mar 18, 2021

Your favorite stay-at-home goalie’s favorite goalie, Sconone does so much more than fill up the net. Sconone gets the ball up and out just as well as any goalie in the PLL. His hand speed is actually staggering for such a large goalie and to watch him gather loose balls in the crease and fire them out to cutting midfielders is actually stunning.

If you want to judge Sconone on his most obvious attribute – his sizeable frame – then you do so at your own peril. Does he leave the cage often? Does a lion leave his kingdom? No.

His style does not belie his appearance; it builds upon the strengths it provides. If he has a weakness at all, it’s his tendency to give up rebounds. But a save is a save...is a save, as long as you keep the ball out of the back of the net you’re doing your job. Sconone is phenomenal at holding his pipe on players that drive from X and try to get to five and five, he commands his defense with a booming voice, and he throws boom tube outlets with half a step.

At UMass, Sconone backstopped a defense that was predicated on aggressive slides and hard close-outs, which led to a lot of second-look shots that Sconone dealt with routinely. If that sounds like the sort of thing that a professional lacrosse goalie has to deal with on a regular basis it’s because that is exactly what it is.

Sconone saw much of the same as a member of the Hammerheads in 2020 – he made 76 saves, 20 more than the next closest goaltender. He also averaged 15.2 saves per game and led the league in save percentage with 57%. It’s safe to say that you’re getting a top-tier shot-stopper; at the very least you’re getting the most talented backup netminder in this draft class.

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