Joe Walters Joins The Inside Feed

Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed

By PLL | Jun 12, 2020

In the PLL's inaugural season, Joe Walters, a 14-year veteran of the professional sport, became one of the many ferocious leaders of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club.

The midfielder sat down with Emma Adams and I in the latest episode of The Inside Feed to discuss everything from his infamous stick flip after his go-ahead goal in the Championship Game, the heartbreaking OT loss, being in the best shape of his life ahead of the Championship Series and why he believes teammate Garrett Epple was snubbed of Defensive Player of the Year.

“One trillion percent," Walters said. "Like one thousand percent...If you look at a defenseman, Defensive Player of the Year, I can't help but think that caused turnovers is the No. 1 criteria that should be right there and Epple led that by far, I believe. He should have won that.”

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