Exciting Updates to PLL Nation Membership Coming in 2024

By Brenden Coleman | Jan 18, 2024

January 30th

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated updates and enhancements coming to your PLL Nation membership in 2024! In the first year, over 50K fans participated in this fan-focused membership — unlocking exclusive rewards and league access along the way.
On January 30th, members can explore a treasure chest of elevated fan experiences, community features, and an enhanced set of tiered rewards - open for all fans to join.

Not just a fun way to engage

We’ve built PLL Nation into the elevated experience for passionate fans of the Premier Lacrosse League. On top of the experiences like Trivia or Pick’Em and the events like Helmet Hunt, joining PLL Nation unlocks exclusive perks and access across all PLL properties: PLL App, Gamedays, Academy, Shop, and more.
The more you engage with the PLL and fans in the community, the more rewards, privileges, and experiences you can unlock.

Statuses carry over

pll nation 2024 statuses

The hard work and dedication in 2023 paid off! Fans who participated in PLL Nation the previous year will have their statuses carry over into the 2024 season. This means that fans can immediately enjoy the rewards unlocked at the status they earned in 2023. The goal then becomes maintaining that status to avoid losing the earned benefits the next year. Think of this like Airline statuses - once you earn it, you have it, but you have to continue to earn it every year. For new PLL Nation members, the journey is all about building fandom from Free Agent to MVP and unlocking the benefits as you reach new statuses.

Example: A fan that reached MVP in 2023 holds that status all of 2024. If they finish 2024 in the All-Star status range, their status shifts down to All-Star for 2025.

Whether you're just starting and looking to make your mark or a seasoned veteran aiming to reach new heights, a PLL Nation membership offers a rewarding and fulfilling fan journey.

Your Level demonstrates commitment year over year

We wanted a way to allow fans to show that they’ve been riding with the community from the start of their PLL journey - whether that’s months or years. Your PLL Nation level never resets - letting others know not only are you an avid fan, but an early adopter too. That means your fan experience is constantly evolving and keeps you engaged year over year.

Expanded Benefits for PLL Nation Members

In 2023, PLL Nation fans earned benefits like Championship game tickets, exclusive merch & discounts, and status among peers. We’ll be dropping the benefits for 2024 closer to the 30th so we don’t want to spoil it too much, but we’ve raised the bar on benefits available to PLL Nation members. This year, we wanted to keep things simple so we’ve made it where new benefits get unlocked as you reach a new status.

New Experiences to Immerse In


We’ve enjoyed hearing why fans loved PLL Nation - from the sense of community it gives to securing core memories by way of dominating family members in Weekly Fantasy. On top of the ones you know and love, we’re introducing new experiences to further immerse you:

Revamped Achievements to Showcase Your Fandom

We’ve revamped the achievements in PLL Nation to provide you with even more opportunities to showcase your PLL knowledge and fandom. Achievements are a fun and engaging way to earn credit (XP), extend your streak, and climb the ranks of PLL Nation.

Achievements are tied to what it means to be a PLL fan. An achievement can be based on:

  • Building your PLL knowledge
  • Watching or attending games
  • Engaging with other fans & helping spread the PLL
  • …and more

Badges, Badges, Badges

Introducing a wider range of opportunities to collect exclusive badges to show how well rounded of a fan you really are.

You win when your team wins

Share in sweet sweet victory when your favorite team wins on the field. You absolutely impacted the results of the game by sleeping in your Tom Schreiber jersey the night before - we all know it.

On site experiences

Get credit towards your PLL Nation membership when you visit & participate with different activations at game weekends.

College Pick’Ems & Predictors

With the help of our friends at The Lacrosse Network, members can build their status and rewards showing of their college knowledge while we wait for the PLL season.

Community Features: coming this year

Get credit for engaging in discussions with fellow fans and helping grow your fanbase both in PLL Nation and in your local area.

Get Ready for PLL Nation '24!

PLL Nation ‘24 starts January 30th, but you don’t have to wait until then to join! Join PLL Nation to unlock a world of exclusive benefits, connect with fellow fans, and showcase your unwavering dedication to the PLL community.

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises as we approach the launch date. PLL Nation '24 is designed with you, the fan, in mind, and we are committed to creating an unforgettable fan experience. Together, let's make 2024 the best PLL year yet!

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