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Film Study: Archers’ high pick-n-rolls

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jul 28, 2022

The Archers’ open Twins set has been their bread-and-butter since 2019. But in 2021, they introduced a high pick-n-roll action with Tom Schreiber playing point guard that opened up some quality shots.

In their twins O, Schreiber operates on either the lefty wing or the righty wing. In this high pick-n-roll set, he has a two-way goal with a green light to roll, roll again, and roll once more. Slow-to-go defenses are stuck watching Schreiber separate from his defender. Slide-and-recover schemes leave Will Manny or Marcus Holman open from the pipes. It’s a lose-lose.

The best defenders may be able to match feet with one Schreiber dodge. When he pulls it out to re-dodge – then gets physical on the roll back – even the most athletic poles will lose him.

If Schreiber has a short-stick, the defense needs to send help. But where do you help from? Leave Holman or Manny, and the ball will be in the back of the net before the goalie can square up. Leave the picker (Matt Moore), and another Archer scorer is catching from between the hash marks and inside 12 yards.

Here’s the newest, most dangerous wrinkle: Tre Leclaire is playing SSDM. When Leclaire traps an offensive opponent, this action is automatic. Schreiber draws a double off the pick and hits Leclaire who can crow hop twice. The net lifted off the turf on this rocket.

The Archers have shot 38.0% on any shot initiated from the top of the arc -- highest in the league by a wide margin. These actions (like almost everything the Archers do) often lead to multiple pass goals. Nobody has more second assists since '19 than Schreiber (17). The Archers have shot 29.9% off passes from Schreiber -- when teammates make "one more", that percentage jumps to 50.0%.

Schreiber is shooting 6-for-18 (33.3%) off the dodge. He'd rather not be a dodge-to-shoot player. He wants to draw doubles and set up teammates for dunks. At their best, the Archers are capitalizing on sequences so far down the line that Schreiber doesn't even record a second assist.

A league-high 55.9% of the Archers shots have been assisted in 2022. They've won matchups when necessary. As a team, they're shooting 30.6% off the dodge -- higher than any team since 2019, and much higher than the second place Cannons (25.0%). If they can continue to break down their matchups -- especially with these high pick-n-rolls -- then the ball will keep spinning until it finds Holman or Manny.

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