From Tupac to Blink-182: The Redwoods’ Welcome to California Playlist

By Jerome Taylor | Dec 19, 2023

Once the Premier Lacrosse League announced home bases, every team in the PLL had to begin immersing itself in the geographical culture of their new home. 

Fortunately for the California Redwoods, there are several ways to show off your geographical affiliation, and there may not be another location in the country with a more distinct musical sound than the West Coast. 

The Sound of the West Coast

“That unique sound, like just on the beats alone, is music that people will play at the beach or drive in their car down the coastline to,” California native Eddy Glazener said. “It's not like the music from places that are freezing cold.”

Whether it’s the funky baselines of Dr. Dre’s G-funk production or the energetic riffs of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the West Coast sound is immediately identifiable, as we found collectively found in the introductory video from California’s newest team.

Whether it’s Larry June, Tupac, or Blink-182, California’s sound has influenced many members of the Redwoods team in the past and present. 

“There's a sense of pride in some of the musicians and groups being from California,” Glazener said. “Like a group as international as Blink-182, they’re from the city that I'm from, and that’s something to have a little pride in.”

“‘To Live and Die in L.A.’ by Tupac is one of my all-time favorite songs,” Redwoods Head Coach Nat St. Laurent said. “I would listen to that sometimes before a basketball game just to calm myself down.”

“I'm on the day-to-day with Larry June easily. He's way too hard. That's my dude right there,” Nakeie Montgomery told me in August. 

As the Redwoods locker room DJ Glazener says, some California vibes were already permeating the ‘Woods’ locker room before the announcement. 

“‘Yeah,’ by Andre Nickatina, is the go-to for every single game. That song slaps. It gets the guys going,” Glazener said.

The Bay-area track is the intro song for the Redwoods’ Welcome to California playlist. 

Spanning from NorCal to SoCal, featuring Hyphy and some of Charlie Bertrand's favorite Ocean Beach bands, this playlist can help you cruise into the Championship Series before the Redwoods roll again. 

Tap into it right here: