Archers defenseman Eli Gobrecht

Get to Know Archers Defenseman Eli Gobrecht

By PLL | Jul 8, 2020

If you don't already know who Eli Gobrecht is, get ready to hear his name all Championship Series long.

The Archers' first pick in the Entry Draft back in March, Gobrecht is going to be bringing his aggressive style of defense to a roster that held the strongest defense statistically in 2019.

In the latest episode of The Inside Feed, Gobrecht described his style of play and how it will compliment the Archers defense.

"I’m a pretty aggressive defender," Gobrecht said. "I would say sometimes, especially when I was a rookie coming into pro lacrosse, I was maybe a little too aggressive and got myself in trouble. I’ll take a couple penalties. I’ll make a couple missteps but I think I'm a guy that really likes to pester other attackman and just stay on their hands all the time and be a nuisance and be a guy that guys don’t want to play against. “

During the Championship Series July 25-August 9, Gobrecht will be tasked with covering the top attackman in the world like Jordan Wolf and Rob Pannell, but one thing he finds as a big advantage for himself is the PLL's finest being unfamiliar with his style of play.

“I always feel like I’m kind of fueled by people doubting us so I like the underdog mentality and that’s the one that I’m going to take. I'm sure a lot of people aren't really familiar with my game or the way that I play yet and I take that as an advantage coming into the league. So, I don't really feel too much pressure.”

You can listen to Gobrecht's full interview here.

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