How the Whipsnakes are winning run outs to the endline

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 29, 2022

The Whipsnakes defense has run out a preposterously, incomprehensibly high percentage of misses. They’re out-hustling opposing offenses to the endline or sideline on 32.6% of missed shots.

There’s still a lot of meat on the bone when the Whips win these races. On average, opponents are leaving :14 seconds of shot clock on the table. Shooting percentage under :14 is around 25.2%. Especially in the one-goal games the Whipsnakes have been grinding out, a few 25.2% looks can be the difference.

Coach Pugh's hunch: The Whipsnakes are sliding less than they did in 2021, and therefore in better position to race their assignment toward wide shots. Only 46.3% of opposing shots have been assisted; down slightly from 47.0% in 2021, but not close to their 40.8% mark from 2020. Another factor: The Whipsnakes are allowing fewer shots from the middle of the field. Poor angle shots travel longer distances to the boundaries, turning shot backups into real races.

Everyone is getting involved. Kyle Bernlohr leads the team with 8 run outs; then Matt Dunn (4RO), Bryce Young (1RO) and Colin Squires (1RO). It's a blend of anticipation and hustle.

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