Jordan Wolf announces retirement

By PLL | Apr 19, 2022

Chrome LC attackman Jordan Wolf announced his retirement on Tuesday afternoon. Wolf ranks 23rd all-time in points (314) with 196 goals and 118 assists.

The second overall pick in 2014 out of Duke, Wolf earned All-Pro honors in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Wolf released the following statement:

The sport of lacrosse has been my true passion since third grade and has been the most consistent aspect of my life. Lacrosse has given me my fondest memories, an education in all aspects, and my best friends in the world. And for that, I am forever indebted to the sport. I always told myself I would play until I could no longer be effective and produce at a high level and unfortunately that point came a little sooner than I planned given my injury. Despite this, I am at peace with my decision and feel so fortunate I was able to play as long as I did with different groups of remarkable people.

To my teammates (Duke, USA, and Tier 1's), there are no words to describe my gratitude for you all. I would be nowhere without each of you and those groups are some of the most important relationships in my life. The successes I have had throughout my playing time are not about me individually but a direct reflection of some unbelievable groups of men. I will continue to never shut up in group chats and always be there for you all throughout life.

To my coaches, what you have done for me on the field has been so valuable to my playing career, but it is how you impacted me off the field that is truly transformational. John Christmas, Robert Mongeluzzi, and Tim Soudan, thank you for helping me become the player and person I am today. I want to give a special mention to Duke University and its entire staff of John Danowski, Matt Danowski, and Ron Caputo. I can't put into words the impact the university and coaching staff has had on me. I thank God every day I was granted the opportunity to play for that group of coaches and attend Duke University. I take such pride in being a "Duke Man" and will continue to strive to hold myself to the standards John Danowski and his staff have set.

Lastly and most importantly, to my family, Mom, Dad, Evan, Will and my fiancé Cara. Thank you for giving me every opportunity to chase my passion. You have all made so many sacrifices for my playing career and for that I love and thank you all.

To the sport and those I have not mentioned, Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the support throughout my career. I will remain active within the lacrosse community and hopefully help the next generation just as I was aided every step of the way in my career.

--Jordan Wolf


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