Matt Moore tallies first career hat trick

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 14, 2022

Since 2020 the Archers have struggled against slow-to-go defenses like Chaos LC and Chrome LC. Chaos head coach Andy Towers' defense plays one-on-one across the board, daring you to beat reigning MVP and three-time Oren Lyons Goalie of the Year Blaze Riorden off the dodge.

In three meetings last summer, Chaos LC held Archers to 18.97% (11-for-58) unassisted shooting. They've short-sticked Will Manny and/or Marcus Holman. They force Tom Schreiber to be selfish; something that's not in his DNA. And Jack Rowlett has won on an island against Grant Ament.

They may have found their secret weapon for September: fourth overall pick Matt Moore (Virginia). As a team, the Archers shot 9-for-22 (40.9%) off the dodge on Friday night. 40.9 percent! Moore, Manny (who moved into 9th all-time in career points), and Tre Leclaire all ran by, around, or through short-sticks.

Moore looked much more comfortable above the arc in his second game as pro than he did at X in his first game. He attacked with speed out of the box and showed off his shooting range after this right-to-right “split.”

On the righty wing, Moore scored by dodging underneath and topside. This answer is insane – look at the separation he creates to bring his stick back toward the middle.

Moore (6-2, 195) is physical, too. He showed off his ability to shoot through contact.

"I'm very blessed to be on this team with Tom, Marcus, and Will. They're just great leaders," said Moore. "They care about this game so much. They make it normal to care."

"Them giving me confidence -- Tom coming up to me and just saying, 'Demand the ball like you did at UVA. Just do your thing and we'll back you.' That confidence those veteran guys give me lets me play loose and have fun."

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