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PLL 2024 jerseys revealed: Sarah Griffin ranks her top 10

By Sarah Griffin | May 30, 2024

Another PLL season is upon us, which means all-new jerseys. This year’s are extra special, with each team now having a place to call home. I ranked my top 10 favorites of the newest kits. 

10. Boston Cannons home jersey

No one can call me a homer now. The Cannons hold a lot of history, and I’m thrilled to see a tribute to that with the Boston branding so prominent and a New England Patriots-esque feel to these home jerseys. I really, really wish, though, we got the Cannons’ logo on these because I adore it and the history behind it.

9. California Redwoods away jersey

You really can’t go wrong with the Redwoods color scheme or logo, and they have one of, if not the most iconic look in the PLL. So I was a bit disappointed that the logo didn’t get more play on the white away jersey. However, rolling with “WOODS” on the front rather than California is a cool move, and it got the logo involved. I think perhaps if it was just “WOODS” on top and then the bear logo in the center on its own, this jersey would rank a bit higher.

8. Philadelphia Waterdogs home jersey

The Waterdogs are doing it right: there needs to be more purple in professional sports. For that reason alone, they’re top 10. Also, I love that dog. Adorable. 

7. New York Atlas home jersey

Anyone who knows me knows I love color, and especially the Atlas solar blue. So of course I’m obsessed with the color set here, but that’s a given. I really like the Atlas’s white jerseys, as well, but I wish the logo was on both uniforms. Therefore, New York’s home jersey is the winner between the two for me. 

6. Utah Archers home jersey

It took me a bit, but I like the Archers home jerseys a lot more now than I did at first glance. They have such a unique color scheme, so I’m relieved they’re sticking with it. I think my only grievance with these is the logo might be just a bit too big for it to be in my top five. 

5. Maryland Whipsnakes home jersey

Black-on-black uniforms are very hit-or-miss for me, but these ones hit the mark. The Whipsnakes really got a makeover this year with a whole new color scheme to pay tribute to their state, so I love to see the classic snake logo here. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the red and yellow, but with the black, I’m sold. 

4. California Redwoods home jersey

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve always loved the green pinstripe look for the Woods, so I’m very happy they kept the stripes. I’m not too sure how I feel yet about some of the location brandings being so large on the front, so again, I’m happy to see the bear as the center focus here. 

3. Carolina Chaos home jersey

If I didn’t love the Waterdogs’ logo so much, the Chaos would line up 1-2 in my rankings. Every year, the Chaos have one of the best uniforms in the league, and I’m glad they stuck to their roots. Red and black will always be cool and timeless, and it continues to fit the vibe of Carolina’s roster. 

2. Philadelphia Waterdogs away jersey

Like I said, I love the dog. I love the logo, I love bright colors (especially purple!), and with the white to make it all pop? Chef’s kiss. 

1. Carolina Chaos away jersey

The Chaos overall are my definitive winners. The white jerseys with black and red trim, the logo the perfect size once again in the middle, and the red shorts to contrast them are perfect. 10/10 all around for Carolina.