Redwoods LC: 2022 College Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Apr 29, 2022

A #1 cover defender

Garrett Epple is at his best sliding; Eddy Glazener is the general inside. This defense needs an on-ball bully.

Opponents shot 33% when initiating at X against the Woods.

Transition threats

The Woods scored a league-low 0.9 fast break goals per game in ‘21. They need two-way threats who can turn their defense’s hard-earned stops into scores.

Off-ball shooters

The Woods really don't have any offensive needs; cover defenders and transition sparks are their top priorities.

But if they draft an offensive player, it needs to be someone who can play without the ball. This offense is full of dodgers. It went through some slumps. Spacing suffers with six dodgers on the field.

Their lows were low; but their highs were high. Jules Heningburg and Charlie Bertrand are savvy enough off-ball to make it work. The 2-2-2 set head coach Nat St. Laurent installed on Long Island did wonders.

When they were clicking, they were the league's best offense -- converting on 33.5% of their settled possessions. Bank on them running it back with the same offensive core.

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