Redwoods LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions

A Rob Pannell (via trade with Atlas LC)

Offseason Losses

M Brent Adams (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), A Clarke Petterson (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), A Brendan Gleason (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), G Gunnar Waldt


#11 overall, #19 overall

#1 Need: Faceoff

The Redwoods won 36% of their faceoffs in 2020 (6th in PLL). Neither Peyton Smith (38%) nor Greg Puskuldjian (35%) was scooped up in the Expansion Draft. There is a learning curve with the rules in this league -- maybe Smith (a rookie in 2020) or Puskuldjian (played MLL in 2019) makes a leap in his second PLL season.

Without a first round pick (traded for Rob Pannell), the Redwoods aren’t in position to add Max Adler. Can they manage to trade up? Or do they address other needs on Thursday and wait to add a rookie faceoff specialist in April?

Secondary Needs: Off-ball scoring

After losing Wes Berg to the Waterdogs in the 2020 Expansion Draft, the Redwoods have lost Clarke Petterson to the Cannons in the 2021 Expansion Draft.

They’re once again in need of an off-ball scorer. Only 34.5% of their settled shots have been assisted; having Pannell at quarterback will solve some of that, but having savvy cutters is key, too. This offense could use another piece entering training camp after losing Petterson, Brendan Gleason, and Brent Adams.

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