Sarah Griffin’s 2023 Throwback Jersey Rankings

By Sarah Griffin

Aug 9, 2023

8. Archers

Before anyone yells at me, this deserves a disclaimer: there is not one jersey amongst these eight that I disliked.

However, it would defeat the purpose of the rankings if I just said "I like them all!" So sorry Archers fans, this one sits at #8.

I do like it! I just don't love it. The updated orange trim around the collar is a nice detail and I love the throwback logo. I think I'd love it more if it was a white or orange jersey like last year's. The logo really takes on a life of its own and it'd stand out more with a lighter color as the base.

7. Whipsnakes

Let's start with the obvious: the snake logo? SO CUTE.

Moving on.

I'm glad the Whips are going with red throwbacks over white this year. They have such fun colors between the red and the turquoise, and red with turquoise accents was the right choice. As an added bonus, the Whips play Chaos this Friday night which means we'll get a red versus white jersey matchup - can never go wrong with that.

My only setback with these jerseys and this of course is me being nit-picky is the font. It goes well with the logo, but I don't love it elsewhere.

6. Redwoods

My favorite part of this Redwoods jerseys has to be the trim around the neck. I've never seen any sports team do something like that, and it really elevates this uniform from good to great.

The neck trim along with other subtle touches like the use of the yellow on the logo makes this a really unique look. It's going to be poetry in motion watching Ryder Garnsey do Ryder Garnsey things in this uniform.

5. Waterdogs

First things first. If I was ranking throwback logos, the Waterdogs' paw print with the cute little dog with a lacrosse stick would soar to number one. 10/10 no notes.

When I think of "retro" lacrosse jerseys, the style the Waterdogs have going here is exactly what comes to my mind. It's a vintage look but with that signature 'Dogs purple to accent it.

I think once everyone takes the field this weekend, the Waterdogs' throwback uniform will become a favorite for a lot of people. The purple metallic helmets make this look a knockout. We're also getting a GREAT uniform matchup in Waterdogs versus Atlas. If you're a jersey matchup junkie like myself (yes, that's a thing), it'll be a must watch if not purely for the aesthetics.

4. Chaos

A team known for their swagger on and off the field, there's not a throwback jersey that better fits the aesthetic of the team than the Chaos's.

These are CLEAN. The trim around the neck and sleeves? Immaculate. The red numbers with the black outline? Perfection. They're cool as heck, just like Chaos.

3. Atlas

Atlas. Solar. Blue. Always. Hits.

Pink maybe my favorite color, but when it comes to sports uniforms, baby blues always take the cake. Something about the porthole mesh in particular really elevates the Bulls' colors.

Combine it with the solar blue helmets and Trevor Baptiste's modeling skills, and it's an easy top three.

2. Chrome

Summer of Barbie stays hot with these pink (!!!) jerseys for Chrome.

Kidding! But as I've said on record now multiple times, all Chrome needed to do to earn the top spot amongst my rankings is come out with a pink jersey and they did just that. Alas, I'm a Boston homer (self-awareness is key) so I'll admit I did not follow through on my word here. These still are an absolute 10/10 though.

Chrome has the most unique color scheme in sports, and I love seeing that on full display. As an added bonus, we get to see these beauties under the lights on Friday night. With Chrome playing the Archers in some late night Friday night lacrosse, it'll be a fun color contrast to really make these uniforms pop.

1. Cannons

Call me a Boston homer, I don't care. These are immaculate and should be everyone's number one.

Paying homage to the MLL Boston Cannons, these jerseys nail the nostalgia factor. Stars, stripes, red, white, and blue, and just about the cutest logo you ever did see. You can practically hear "Shippin' Up to Boston" through the pictures alone.

Bias for the tribute to Boston aside, objectively speaking, these are a slam dunk. So much so that even with a pink jersey available, these are still my hands down favorite.

On the off chance you don't agree with every single one of my opinions, be sure to make your voice heard:

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